Everything You Need To Know About Vitamin D and Pregnancy


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Vitamin D plays a vital role in a mother’s health and the development of her baby. This peculiar nutrient (technically a hormone, not a vitamin) warrants our attention during pregnancy, where research has shown it can have a profound influence on rates of pregnancy complications, preterm birth, and baby’s lifelong health (#epigenetics)


  • How vitamin D metabolism shifts during pregnancy
  • Risk factors and prevalence of vitamin D deficiency
  • Current research on vitamin D & pregnancy outcomes, including gestational diabetes, preeclampsia, preterm birth, and more
  • The rationale for normalizing vitamin D levels during pregnancy (and research on what “normal” vitamin D levels really are)
  • Optimal levels of supplementation and how they compare to current guidelines
  • Practical application of this information: What does it mean for you and your clients?


CEUs: This webinar is pre-approved for 1.5 CEU credits for registered dietitian/nutritionists through CDR.

Price: $55