WHNA webinars purchased prior to March 15th, 2020 provide pre-approved CEU credits to registered dietitians via the Commission on Dietetics Registration (CDR). CDR maintains a list of past attendees for each webinar, so if/when they audit, they can verfiy.

For all purchases made after March 15, 2020, WHNA webinars *do not* provide pre-approved CEUs for registered dietitians.

The “why” behind no longer offering CEUs:

Our mission with starting the Women’s Health Nutrition Academy (WHNA) is to provide cutting edge continuing education opportunities to healthcare providers, especially dietitians/nutritionists working in women’s health.

With over 20 years of combined clinical experience, Ayla and I have attended countless continuing education conferences and webinars, many of which were either extremely basic (waste of time!) or status quo dietetics (i.e. presenting outdated information, which was not helpful to our practices). 

To say that we were frustrated by the low quality and rigor of these CEU activities is an understatement!

We founded WHNA to change this. Our mission remains just as strong today as the day we started WHNA.

In 2018, we became accredited providers for continuing education via the national credentialing agency for dietitians known as the Commission on Dietetic Registration. We have since released over a dozen in-depth CEU activities on topics ranging from prenatal nutrition, fertility, menstrual cycle health, gestational diabetes, postpartum nutrition, estrogen metabolism, and many other topics. Our live webinars consistently sell out and we hear overwhelmingly positive feedback from our clinician attendees.

All to say, you want this content as much as we want to teach it!

It is filling a void in the continuing education market for in-depth, evidence-based education that goes FAR beyond undergraduate and postgraduate studies (and even many expensive training programs on functional medicine), which is especially helpful to clinicians seeing challenging clinical cases.

It takes a lot of “jumping through hoops” to get webinars approved for continuing education credits, even more so when you present on cutting edge topics. This is a time and energetic commitment Ayla and I are no longer interested in pursuing, particularly because a large percentage of our viewers are non-dietitian health professionals (meaning the CEUs don’t even apply to them).

Instead, we can spend our time and energy working on what matters: the content! Each of our webinars are a huge undertaking, with extensive literature reviews (citation lists are often 100 studies or more) and dozens of hours preparing slides, case studies, etc.

We have decided to voluntarily remove registered dietitian CEU credits from all existing WHNA webinars, effective March 15th, 2020 and will not be offering CEUs for any new webinars.

If you have purchased any of our webinars to date (meaning prior to March 15th, 2020), your CEU credits will remain valid. We will provide CDR with a list of all past attendees to each of the webinars, so if/when they audit, they can verfiy that you earned these CEUs.

For all purchases of courses after March 15, 2020, you will NOT earn CEUs.


What about CEUs for Real Food for Pregnancy?

After March 15th, the only CEU activity that WHNA will provide is the 32 continuing education credits for Lily’s book, Real Food for Pregnancy. This activity is approved through May 30, 2021. Access those HERE.

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